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by Sandy on March 2, 2010

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Regular readers will know of my fascination with music, and those with a keen eye (ear?) have probably seen the inspiration of song lyrics throughout the site. These days I can listen to just about any kind of music, as happens when we grow and become perhaps more accepting and adventurous.

But there was a decade – at least – when my ears were essentially owned by Van Halen. I’ve probably seen them in concert more than any other band or artist, and that’s saying something, given the number of shows that I attended way back when. Shockingly, with a little luck and a little common sense, my hearing is still fine.

So what does all of this have to do with how you can excel with Monarch?

Eddie Van Halen
Creative Commons License photo credit: Alan Light

The March 2010 edition of Fast Company magazine features an article by Dan and Chip Heath that I must share with you. Their tale of Van Halen’s legendary appearance contract for the band’s initial tours tells a valuable business lesson and may well change your opinion of the band’s flamboyant front-man Diamond David Lee Roth.

From his numerous interviews and appearances on the syndicated radio show “Rockline” that I’d heard, I’d always thought of Dave as not just a crazy rock star but also as a top-notch, business-minded and calculating promoter. In my mind he was crazy like a fox.

Dan and Chip tell a great story, and I won’t let the cat out of the bag here. I urge you to read their article yourself. (I was really surprised to find it online.)

All of this got me to thinking: what else can we learn from the Van Halen clan?

On that, um, note, I welcome you to “Name That Tune”, the Van Halen lyrics slash Monarch edition…

Hit the ground runnin’

Being knowledgeable about your organization as well having a solid understanding of how to build analytical tools with Monarch and Excel will have you creating custom information systems in record time.

Take each step, one by one

Start with the basics, and add individual elements to your model. Start with calculated fields and seamlessly combine additional data sources to create new and unique ways to interpret your data.

Define custom filters to find the diamonds in the rough, and incorporate those filters into multiple summaries to get a new perspective and check out the scene from above.

Finally, add easily repeatable exports by creating a project file, and use batch files or custom programming to produce incredibly powerful dashboard reporting systems.

We came here to entertain you

Business presentations need not be dry boring PowerPoint driven affairs. Lighten it up and still make your points; probably more effectively than ever.

When it comes to your Excel work, if you’re sharing a report with others, take a few extra minutes to spruce up its appearance. Everyone it seems, whether they’re using Excel 2007 or older versions, tends to stick with the default formatting and styles. That’s a quick way to get ignored.

Learn to control the formatting and define your own custom styles. Shake it up, wake your audience up and get their attention.

Let the magic do the work for you

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Just for fun, can you name the song that inspired the title of this post?

Thanks for playing “Name That (Van Halen) Tune”.

Things Weren’t Always Perfect Within the Band

Putting it mildly, at times it really seemed that someone could have helped them work together a little better than they did.

Excel and Monarch: The Best of Both Worlds

Well, it’s time to finish what I started.

If you want to stop working for your data, and have your data work for you, and I mean right now, then it’s time for you to jump in with both feet, and do all that you can to excel with Monarch.

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